sf Project


The main content is the set of PHP files, and a guide follows:

  • index.php - the "home" page.
  • config.php - database configuration code - edit me!
  • search.php, list_*.php - web user access routines
  • *_output_fns.php - routines that help create web pages
  • db_fns.php, paper_fns.php, admin_fns.php, user_auth_fns.php - routines that interact closely with the database
  • add_file.php, edit_paper.php, insert_*.php - code that the admin user can use to edit the database (not all complete)
  • send_file.php - code to send a paper as inline content.
  • admin.php, form_output_fns.php - admin user pages.

In the tarball you will find a few non PHP files. These are:

  • bib2sql - a perl tool I used to populate the database. It reads a BibTeX formatted file and spits out the required database updates (very quickly: a couple of hundred papers a second!). To make it work, you will need the Perl BibTeX code (Text::BibTeX) from CPAN.
  • bibcheck - a simple checking tool that uses the perl BibTeX code (Text::BibTeX) to check a .bib file for errors. Does not interact with any database.
  • cpa2002.bib - an example paper from my site showing what a .bib file looks like.
  • create_db.sql - the SQL script I used to create the database structure (using "mysql <create_db.sql"). It Deletes The Old Database!!
  • create_db_alt.sql - the result of calling "mysqldump --no-data" on my test database. Does not have the "create database dbname" stuff in it, so you will have to do a "create database dbname;" first. The script should create the same database as create_db.sql, but looking at it I couldn't be sure :-(
  • ReleaseNotes - the release notes for this release.
  • COPYING - the GPL License file.